5 Essential Elements For Billions Seasons 1-3 DVD

But for all his randomness, he remembers that Johnny Depp is applying audio through the anti-drug regulation enforcement Film-in-a-Motion picture on his answering device and calls Depp's answering equipment to prove it — and Hunter occasions it Practically correctly to sync up the film along with the equipment.

reportedly is composed primarily of Lars von Trier bitching regarding how Significantly Björk sucks. Not in a teasing way or as a way to make the commentary interesting — he actually suggests it.

have commentaries for every in the 7 episodes. They vary from offering insight in the making-of (with directors Susanna White and Simon Cellan Jones sitting for a few episodes) to a couple further anecdotes from writer Evan Wright.

There is also speak of Fong's magic capabilities (which are demonstrated inside of a featurette elsewhere on the disc), and he claims to bend the silverware in the house of everyone listening to the commentary.

has the disadvantages of a solo commentary, since it's performed by Mel Brooks by itself, but is normally fairly excellent. Another thing which makes it notable is that Ronny Graham is there with Brooks - though you largely really need to choose Brooks' word for it, as Graham is completely silent save to get a giggle when Brooks introduces him and a brief remark near the movie's finish.

incorporates a awful commentary from director John McTiernan that's practically nothing short of a chore to take a seat through. McTiernan Seems completely disinterested, muttering his way with the movie, audibly sighing and lapsing into extensive periods of silence.

In all probability not. Exactly the same detail takes place in one commentary from Season 2. Additional to the point, the "earthquakes" occur when Series creator Alan Spencer is about to reveal whether or not Sledge and Doreau really like read more each other and have alongside one another, and as a result of the "quakes", by no means reveals said facts.

shorts by Genndy Tartakovsky, a rambling and timid affair Plainly advertisement-libbed in probably the most disastrous method attainable. The results were being so terrible that a separate "Hyperspace Commentary" (which appears to translate to simply "Commentary that does not suck") was provided around the DVD and there Genndy retains his possess ok, but why the initial observe was integrated too proceeds to mystify.

Down the road, Jonah says Judd's daughter remains from the studio. Whether That is legitimate or not is unclear.

's possess Famous Version bought use of a Developer Commentary, where Bungie workers communicate around a two-hour edited get more info playthrough of the game.

, wherever a single 7 days once the Losermatsu Exclusive, the episode was replayed with the seiyuu's commentary around the episode, initial 50 % the older brothers, second fifty percent the younger brothers. It was later on put on video clip launch as episode 13.five.

Plenty of fantastic notes on adaptation concerns, relations between the actors, and insights in to the people. The kid actors even get their own individual commentary, and begin it off by singing together to the key concept!

as opposed to the creators touch upon the episodes, with dialog written with the author of the first Light-weight Novels, which generally includes them MSTing themselves. And pondering where the stalkers with the cameras were hiding all this time.

DVDs had been compilations of the operate of noteworthy songs video clip directors; the Spike Jonze and Anton Corbjin discs bundled musician commentaries, and also the Mark Romanek disc bundled director commentaries for all 26 clips and musician commentaries on selected movies.

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